I have it working with the following settings using a Cambridge Silicon EDR2.0 Bluetooth dongle on Linux, WinXP SP2+, Win7
I have had no luck with dongles that require drivers

# REMOTE_BT_MAC can be found via hciconfig on a Linux machine or by digging into the device settings on Windows
# You do not need to install a driver on Windows. This method uses the native Bluetooth stack

#On the gumstix
PAND_OPTIONS="--role GN --service PANU --connect REMOTE_BT_MAC --persist"

# You can set the name and Class of the Bluetooth device in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
# Name = %h-%d   # or anything you like
# Class 0x020300  # Not sure if this matters

# /var/lib/bluetooth/LOCAL_BLUETOOTH_MAC only appears after /etc/init.d/bluetooth has started
# Try hciconfig on Gumstix to show LOCAL_BLUETOOTH_MAC
echo "REMOTE_BT_MAC PINCODE" > /var/lib/bluetooth/LOCAL_BLUETOOTH_MAC/pincodes

/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

# On Linux host you need to Grant Access and check "Always Grant Access" before you enter the pincode
# Windows will prompt for a pincode

Hope this helps

Grahame Jordan

On 10/09/10 19:30, Idruna wrote:
So I have WiFi and 3G working, now for Bluetooth :)  I did get a PAN working
a few weeks ago, but I can't reproduce it on the latest build.

This is what I did based on my notes:

Uncomment the DisablePlugins line

hciconfig hci0 piscan 
pand --master --listen --role GN -n

I can connect to the Overo (no pin), but Windows does not see the PAN
service, only a serial port and remote control. I also tried leaving
main.conf as is and uncommenting the lines in the other bluetooth conf file
to enable pand, but no luck either.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance..

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