On 20/08/2010 8:38 AM, Tien Nguyen wrote:
I am looking for the same thing. One possibility is to use an Overo Fire module in conjunction with a USB capture board. But so far I have not found one capture card that work consistently yet.
Tiến Nguyễn

Probably be better off to use something designed for analog video input
like one of the network video servers.

Not as fun but  a lot quicker
I've used a few of axis' network video servers in the past at a previous employer

Something like one of these would have you up and running in a few minutes

They used to have development versions of one of their devices (241/242S IV) that allowed you to load your own
code into a DM642 dsp and customise the code on the etrax cpu
but looks like they are or have discontinued them.


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