Dear gumstix-users,

I am wondering if someone can help me read characters (or scan codes) directly from the keyboard, without using standard input. I am still very new to Linux programming, so please bear with me if these are silly questions. :-)

Here is what I am trying to do:
A Gumstix Overo with a console image will have a USB keyboard connected, and a simple 4x20 LCD display connected via I2C. I am writing software that runs on the Gumstix as a daemon process, monitors other devices connected to the Overo, and displays various bits of information on the LCD. The user should be able to plug in a USB keyboard at will, change some settings and make adjustments, and then unplug the keyboard. The keyboard and I2C LCD will be the only human interface devices.

Keyboard input is usually read from stdin in a console session, if I understand correctly. In this case, there will be no console session associated with the daemon, and thus I think no stdin to read from. Therefore, I am looking for ways on how to accomplish the following:
I thought of the possibility of ssh'ing into the Overo, in order to access the control interface. However, there will be no Wifi on this device, and while it's possible to leave an Ethernet port accessible, the user would still need another computer to control the Overo. I would enjoy the ability to use any old $10 USB keyboard to control the device. It's cheap and simple, and also lets me disable networking, which may provide a layer of security (these units will be left unattended in publicly accessible areas).

Help is much appreciated.
All the best,