Dear gumstix-users,

I am trying to use the boost serialization library on Gumstix, and have run into an interesting issue.

I am using autotools, and in my I have the following:

program_LDADD = -lpthread -lasound -lboost_serialization

This builds fine on my desktop Linux PC, which I use for development. (Since most of the stuff I am doing at the moment is not Gumstix dependent, I compile and test on a desktop machine, and then periodically cross-compile, install and run on the Gumstix Overo, to see if everything works ok. This saves some time.)

In Bitbake, I have built the boost 1.41 library by typing in "bitbake boost" at the command line.

However, in order to get the program to cross-compile for Gumstix, it's necessary to change the LDADD in to this:

program_LDADD = -lpthread -lasound -lboost_serialization-mt

It seems that boost library cross-compiled for Gumstix only includes a "" file. I could not find a version without the -mt appended.

My questions are:
Hopefully there is a Bitbake expert out there who can lend a hand to this Bitbake newbie.
Many thanks,