Talk to them directly =)

I belive that the gumstix overo is very similar to the common and open beagle board - just desgined to meet other design requirements.
So just using the beagleboard schematics should also do the job =)



Bernhard Wörndl-Aichriedler

Am 10.06.2010 19:17, schrieb James Adams:
Hi All,

Does anyone know if it is possible to get hold of the COM module
schematics under NDA, do you have to be a 'partner', do Gumstix really
*never* give out schematics of the COM modules, not even under NDA?

My reason for asking is that my company is a serious design house, we
work with many well known companies, big and small, and deal with
extremely confidential and sensitive IP every day (under NDA). We are
designing a product based on the Gumstix Overo COM, but unfortunately
I can't say the experience has been easy - having the schematics would
have been a great help from the start, and would continue to be a help
as we develop our custom software. The mailing list is a great thing,
so keep up the great work guys :o)! - but a lot of my questions would
have not even been necessary if we had access to schematics.

Only being able to contact sales and have them say "Gumstix does not
license or release the schematics of our COMs in any way." doesn't
help much.

Thanks for all the help so far,


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