Hey again.

The IC is unidirectional, you just need an uni-directional one
CS, CLK and DO(MOSI) has to go from Overo to Device
DI(MISO) has to go from Device to Overo

that means you need 3 lines from A to B and 1 line from B to A.
If the IC is to big for you you might just use some of it's little brothers

for example for of those:

or three of those:

In my case, the MAX1840 lack of one line for the use with a "standard" SPI bus,
and as i haven't tested the IC i can't say anything about the IC.


Bernhard Wörndl-Aichriedler

Am 05.05.2010 12:44, schrieb J.Castane:

Hi Bernhard,

Thanks so much for kindly help.

I have read the 74AC164245 datasheet. That chip is bidirectional and  I
think it's a bit large for that case, I want to use a SPI protocol, only 3

Do you think that I could use the MAX1840/41 ? 

Best regards