Am 05.05.2010 09:39, schrieb J.Castane:
I'm working in a comunication between the Overo COM and external board
through SPI. The external board works at 5V, so here is a typical problem,
voltage levels traslation!

I've search in this forum for any solution and these are:

1) The logic level translator of Sparkfun

Nope =)
This is a FET based solution, at least as i think, and i don't think it will support 1.8V operation.

2) The TXS010x (X-Bit Bidirectional Voltage-Level Translator for Open-Drain
Application) from TI


Nope =)
The TXS series of TI is for open drain operation, like for I2C aka TWI

3) This doc suggests the MAX8867/MAX8860 and the MAX1840/1841 (page 3)


The MAX8867 is just a voltage regualtor, but it might work with the MAX1840/41.

I need that the SPI works at 20Mbps so I think that the first solution it
won't work.

What's it in your opinnion the best choice? How can i do this voltage levels
traslation? Have anyone worked with SPI and OVero?


I used the 74AC164245 just like they did on the overo motherboards and run my spi and usart lines over it.
Just be sure, that you set the direction correctly (8 bit in one direction, the other 8 in the other) and then it should work.


Bernhard W├Ârndl-Aichriedler