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Greg wrote:
I need to connect a CMOS image sensor to an Overo and acquire images with it.  Currently I have some flexibility in the choice of sensor, but am thinking of using a monochrome device from Aptina or Omnivision in the 1.3-3.2 megapixel range.

Has anyone done this already?  Any guidance towards relevant resources, would me most appreciated...  I've searched quite a lot on the internet and in the archives of this mailing list, but haven't turned up much useful information on this topic; perhaps I'm just not looking in the right places, however, since it would seem like this kind of thing would have been done before within this community.

It looks like the hardware side of things should be relatively brainless, given the signals brought out on Overo J5.

On the software side, though, I'm wondering if there is available any kind of driver or other software, to support image acquisition from CMOS sensors over the OMAP camera interface, wired to J5 on the Overo.

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