The problem is here:

NOTE: Running task 34 of 82 (ID: 2, /mnt/fc6/opt/davinci/dvsdk/arago-psp/oe/arago-oe-dev/recipes/ti/, do_fetch)
--2009-12-13 13:23:32-- http://install.source.dir.local/ti_cgt_c6000_6.1.9_setup_linux_x86.bin
Resolving install.source.dir.local... failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address `install.source.dir.local'


There is a two-step fix:

  1. Download the distribution file manually, and put it in whichever directory you configured as DL_DIR in your BitBake local.conf file.

  2. Edit the ti-cgt6x-native recipe in your OpenEmbedded / Angstrom tree (e.g., openembedded/recipes/ti/ as follows:

    BINFILE = "ti_cgt_c6000_6.1.9_setup_linux_x86.bin"
    SRC_URI = "file://${DL_DIR}/${BINFILE}"

    Note that you are replacing the existing SRC_URI variable, above, not adding a new one.

This will tell BitBake to look for the file you have already placed into your download directory, and it will not attempt to download it again. The do_fetch step will still run the first time after you make this change, to generate the MD5 hash of the downloaded file, and to update the stamp marking the step as complete, but it's not actually "doing" any fetching.

You will also need to do this for several of the other recipes that rely on downloads BitBake can't retrieve automatically, if you need to build those: