Hi, all.


I need to be able to grab the serial port that the console is on by default (ttyS0).  At some point in my program I need to do some serial comm on ttyS0 (to a Windows box), and then  I’d like to be able to give it back to the console (in an ideal world).  I haven’t found a good way to do this yet.


I seem to be able to open the port and send data into the gumstix (basix), but the console reacts as well.  For example, if I open the port within my program and then receive data that includes 0x03, the console sees it as a CTRL-C and kills my app.


All of the other uarts are used for other functions, so I need to grab this one.  Any ideas?  I guess if all else fails, I would need to permanently disable the console from grabbing the port at boot…not exactly sure how to do that either.




Leigh Wells