Thank You very much for your help!!!Sorry for my ignorance, I am a bit new in Linux, Gumstix... I'll try to program both gumstix and robostix and try to establish communication between those programs.

Once again: THANK YOU!!!  :)

2009/3/3 Dave Hylands <>
Hi Maja,

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 7:22 AM, maja varga <> wrote:
> I've done some research on serial communication between gumsix and
> robostix.. In order to directly change atmega128 register values, I need to
> use SPI communication between gumstix and robostix, or there is another
> (easier) way?


To change ATmega128 registers, you need a program running on the
robsotix that communicates with a program running on the gumstix. You
don't need to use SPI. The i2c code used i2c. You can use SPI (there
is some sample code somewhere), or you can use serial, or some other

As far as programming the serial stuff on the robostix side, there is
already some UART code which has built in FIFOs and whatnot available
(in the robostix/common directory).

For programming the serial ports on the gumstix side, there is a
program called sertest while shows all of the basics. It can be found
over here:

Use root as the username and password when you click on the sertest.c file.

As for which version supports i2c, I'm not sure exactly. I seem to
recall that 1574 from buildroot was a good one. I have a prebuilt
image over here:

I don't think that includes all of the i2c code, but it does turn off
the framebuffer (which interferes with the robostix).

Dave Hylands
Shuswap, BC, Canada

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