Is there a possibility to go back to older kernel version(if it is possible, what version would it be?) and how to do that?
I have no experience in serial programming (in programming communication between gumstix and robostix to write Atmega128 registers in order to use PWM). Do you have a sample code of such communication? It would help me to start dealing serial programming :)

Thank you very much!!!!


2009/3/3 Dave Hylands <>
Hi Maja,

> you wrote that problem could be with linux drivers on gumstix? Would you be
> so kind and give me some hints how to solve this problem? I have a close
> deadline for my research project.

To be quite truthful, I don't know. I haven't really spent any time
looking at the drivers themselves. Sadly it's been quite a while since
I've been able to even play with my gumstix.

The reason I suspect the drivers, is that I don't recall having any
problems like what you're experiencing with the older kernels (running
under buildroot), and something may have changed along the way. Many
people have reported similar problems, which also suggests something
in the kernel or driver.

To be quite honest, you're probably better off using serial
communications with the robostix. At least they're reliable.

Dave Hylands
Shuswap, BC, Canada

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