when I do bitbake, I get something like:

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION     = "1.8.10"
OE_REVISION    = "<unknown>"
TARGET_ARCH    = "arm"
TARGET_OS      = "linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE        = "gumstix-custom-verdex"
DISTRO         = "angstrom"
DISTRO_VERSION = "2007.9-test-20090226"
TARGET_FPU     = "soft"

Maybe this will help.. Sorry, I am newbie in OE..


2009/2/25 maja varga <majchy1107@gmail.com>
>I suspect that its a problem with the linux driver.
>Just for the record, what type of gumstix motherboard do you have?

I have gumstix-verdex XM4-BT.

>Which version of buildroot or OE are you using?

I have tried to find out the version of buildroot using instructions on wiki:

but I am getting:

root@gumstix-custom-verdex:~$ cat /etc/gumstix-revision | grep RELEASE
cat: /etc/gumstix-revision: No such file or directory

in /etc I have gumstix-version file containing:

Revision 318M                                                                  
Built on Mon Nov  3 20:33:24 CET 2008                                          
Build machine: mvarga-desktop                                                  
Target machine: gumstix-custom-verdex                                          
libc: glibc 

>Which version of kernel are you using?

Kernel version:

root@gumstix-custom-verdex:~$ uname -a
Linux gumstix-custom-verdex 2.6.21 #1 Mon Nov 3 19:28:02 CET 2008 armv5tel unknown

I hope this information will be useful..

Thank you for your help!!!