For the moment, we're using cmake(not a big fan of that either) for 'day to day' building for various things.  Going forward I'm going to dig into bitbake and try to come up with a generalized recipe for Cmake'd targets.

I build on a workstation that has the directory exported to NFS and mount that on the gumstix and run it from there. 

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Thanks ptkdb! I had made the mistake of assuming that the default build would
match what was shipped on my waysmall. But now I see they are different. But
I had to first update the u-boot to 1.2, so I had to be super-careful to
follow those directions and not brick my little guy. Once my u-boot was
updated, I was able to transfer a new system with ipkg, and my helloworld
then worked great. I'm still not quite ready for the bootable mmc, but
hopefully I'll learn how to format the card for that soon too.

An easier question for anyone out there that is savvy with bitbake: how do
you manage your iterative debugging? I'm using a Makefile, but bitbake
doesn't seem to want to run it unless I upadte my PR revision number in the recipe. Then I manually transfer over the pkg file, install it, and
then I run my program. The process works, but seems a little tedious. Are
there tricks the gurus use like mounting a shared disk or not building a
full pkg each time that can speed up the development cycle?


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