Thanks for help was useful

2007/6/4, Dave Hylands <>:
Hi Agustin,

> I am trying to dowload the i2c-Boot-m128-16MHz-eep.hex  to the eeprom memory
> but a message in avr studio appear "The contents of the hex file does not
> fit in the select device". the size of this file is 117 byetes vs 79 bytes
> of eeprom-init.hex.
> There are something worng in my file or i m doing something wrong?

Do you have ATMega128 selected as the device type?

You might also be able to edit the file. It currently contains:


Try deleting the 3rd line - which contains:

You mightr also want to try deleting the line after that as well.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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