Hello everybody!

 i have the revision 1293, and im trying to work with i2c, i download the i2c-modules-2.6.18-1185.tar.gz tarfile in the gumstix in /tmp after that i did in gumstix

# cd /
# tar xzf /tmp/i2c-modules-2.6.18-1185.tar.gz
# cd /lib/modules/2.6.18gum
# cp modules.symbols modules.symbols.org
cp: modules.symbols: No such file or directory
# ls
kernel   mod.dep  mod.sym
# cd /lib/modules
# ls
2.6.18gum      2.6.20-rt5gum
# cd 2.6.18gum
# ls
kernel   mod.dep  mod.sym
# cd 2.6.20-rt5gum
# ls
kernel               modules.ieee1394map  modules.pcimap
modules.alias        modules.inputmap     modules.seriomap
modules.ccwmap       modules.isapnpmap    modules.symbols
modules.dep           modules.ofmap        modules.usbmap

which files  i need to change?  which files i need to replace?

Im sorry for my question maybe is stupid.

thanks for all