Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Ronald,

I just bought and got a verdex with wifi-EU and console-vx.

I assembled them, connected to serial with the crosscable I ordered
and powered up.

two amber lights light up (on console vx and on wifi-EU).
No output to be seen on the serial at all. totally nothing.
But I just setup Ubuntu as build system, so I have no absolute proof
that the serial does work at all (I have no other serial device laying
around to test with)
nevertheless, kermit is not complaining. and while /dev/ttyS0 works,
ttyS1 does not.
so, it should be the right port on my PC I connect to.

Did you get the null-modem serial cable? IIRC, the ones with a green
end on them are straight through, and the ones with a gray end on them
are null-modem.

I have a few questions :
- in general, how does the boot sequence look like ?

Something like this:

- should there be a led burning on the verdex itself ?

No - there aren't any LEDs on the gumstix motherboards.

- should any led be green instead of amber ?

There are also LEDs for the link/activity on ethernet, and one for the
wifi, but I don't recall if they light up without the gumstix fully
booting or not.

- which of the three serial ports on the console-vx is actually the
console ?
 ( I tried all three...)

The middle one is the console.

Try booting it up with no Wifi card plugged in (i.e. just the verdex
and the console-vx).

thank you Dave !
that tip worked. Should have been that clever myself. DUH !
without the wifi board it shows output and I can login to it !

I guess my first task now is to find a pre-built and proven image "+ wifi", and
put it on the gumstix. then try again with the wifiboard installed.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed by a company that does not bother to put the right software
on the configuration they sell, or at least  inform you that you should  expect troubles...
But then again, this is my hobby ;-)
maybe I start adding to the wiki, as there is not nearly enough info for newbies (methinks).


ps: you're into Rov's aren't you ? I plan to build this thing into a model submarine,
to play with telemetry, sound and video.  sort of a phase-B of the project.  Currently
still busy creating the hull though.