I am using the factory images found in http://www.gumstix.net/feeds/current/glibc/images/gumstix-custom-verdex/


When I boot tha gumstix on eth0 looks for ip and then the orange light on the netstix turns off. And I can't access the gumstix through eth0 neether wlan0.
I am using a robostix powerdup with a 1.2 A power supply.

If I take off the wifistix I can access the gumstix through eth0. So I commented out the wlan0 part in the /etc/network/interface file and attached the wifistix.

root@gumstix-custom-verdex:~$ pccardctl status
Socket 0:
  5.0V 16-bit PC Card

This means that I can see the card but when I modprobe wlan0 the orange light turns off and the eth0 too.

Is this a power problem? Can I power the robostix and the netstix at the same time? And can I do this with the same supply?


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