I am writing code for the robostix and moving it from the gumstix with i2c-load.

# i2c-load --reboot 0x0b write Servo-Test.hex
Detected ATMega128
Write:  ##
Verify: ##
Verify sucessful
Write sucessful, rebooting...

Okay, it works. I play around with the board for a couple of minutes, make a few changes to my code and...

# i2c-load --reboot 0x0b write Servo-Test.hex
ERROR: I2cTransfer: ioctl failed: Remote I/O error (121)
ERROR: I2cReadBlock failed
ERROR: Unable to retrieve boot information from i2c address 0x0b

Now I get this message upon all further invocations of i2c-load. The only way I have found to fix it is to reinstall i2c-load entirely. What am I doing wrong here?