Looks like our version its gcc ver. 4.1.2 (OE)

I have code which only compiles under gcc ver. 3.x of the x-compiler, is there way to revert back 2 earlier versions of x-compiler?  Maybe this causes more problems as Linux compiled with this 4.1.2.

thank you

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Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] how to tell the cross-compiler version when using bitbake?

/path/to/gumstix/tmp/cross/bin/arm-angstrom-linux-xxx-gcc -v

Tab complete is your friend. The x's are there because the compiler name is different if it's a glibc or uclibc version.

Olaf Yourden wrote:

is there a way to find out which gnu cross compiler version is used .  I am using bitbaek


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