Hi Dave,

    I have a Gumstix Basix (just Gumstix, from way back in the day) with the integrated MMC connector. I looked at some pics of the netMMC and I assume it's basically the same story for my Gumstix? I don't need to be able to remove the RS-MMC.


Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Jason,

   I have a Gumstix paired up with a Robostix and I am currently using
an MMC card. The MMC card sticks out over the pins for the power
connector and I am wondering if I use a RS-MMC instead if I'll be able
to get to those pins? Anyone know, or have a picture of this type of
setup? I don't want to use the tip/ring type connector for power.

The RS MMC comes flush with the edge of the netMMC board. I'm not sure
you'd be able to remove the RSMMC with a power cord plugged in, but
you would be able to us eit.

The newer robostix come with a right angle connector for the power.
You could also solder some wires to the bottom side of the board and
bring it out to a connector if you wanted to be able to remove the MMC
card without unplugging the power.