I reverted back to revision 1166 and was able to build just fine. I had been using the head and maybe it was just broken for a day or two? Anyway, all is well now. Thanks!


Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Jason,

   I am trying to get a buildroot environment set up so I can do a
little development and I'm having some problems. I followed the
instructions on the Buildroot for Windows page that explains to use FC5
under VMWare and an older version of binutils but the build still fails.
I don't have the error message with me currently but can send it later

I'm using FC5 on two of my three machines that I use for building the
gumstix software on.

You shouldn't need to back down to earlier buildroots, just install more stuff.

So let us know what the error is, and we can provide some feedback.