Dear Fellow Stixers -

Recently, there have been several posts to gumstix-users
in which the author included an attached file, e.g.

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A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
Name: MetroBase USB2 v2.3.brd
Type: application/octet-stream
Size: 71153 bytes
Desc: not available
Url : 
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When I try open these URLs I get an Error box from sourceforge, saying:

"Either your mailing list name was misspelled or your mailing list has not been archived yet. If this list has just been created, please retry in 2-4 hours. There may otherwise be a temporary outage of Mailing List Archive services, please consult Site Status for more information."

Is anyone else able to retrieve this sort of posted attachment?
Seems to me that it just doesn't work on sourceforge...probably
to save on disk space.

Or am I just doing something wrong?