Thanks. That was it.

Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Sean,

On 9/7/06, Sean McGranaghan <> wrote:
I just built the sample character driver from Dave Hyland.

I get the following errors when trying to load it:

# insmod char-driver.ko
char_driver: Unknown symbol class_destroy
char_driver: Unknown symbol class_create
char_driver: Unknown symbol class_device_create
char_driver: Unknown symbol class_device_destroy
insmod: error inserting 'char-driver.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module

I am running build-root Rev 1088 with the default kernel. Am I missing an
option in the kernel?

Nope - my screwup. I thought I had fixed this, but the file never made
it to my web server. You can either re-fetch char-driver.c and
rebuild, or make the following edit to the last liine of the file,


to be:


(i.e. get rid of the trailing spaces after the word GPL)