Well, this is basic Unix development, but your cc should have generated a hello or another output
file -- have a look at a man page on gcc.  You were trying to run an object file hello.o -- an 'intermediary'
file until everything is linked and a final image is created.

If you just did a

gcc hello.c

it should have created a file called ----    a.out

check the permissions on the a.out , it should be already pre-set for 'executable' -- rwx permissions...

try then doing a


Cheers, a.m.

On 8/18/05, Imran zafar <imranzafar_tuhh@yahoo.com> wrote:
I have tried to compile hello.c
It compiles nicely and creates a hello.o file. When i try to execute this file by ./hello.o it gives the error "Permission denied"
My gumstix-buildroot is in /home directory

ie@divsol.com> wrote:
Dave Hylands wrote:

>Hi Imran,
>>I have build the gumstix-buildroot. At the end there is a warning like this,
>Good news!
>>warning: Clock Skew detected, your build may be incomplete
>>Is that normal?
thats usually due to source files residing on NFS mount, where the clock
on the build
box differs from the clock on the NFS mount host. Since make uses file
to determine the need for a re-compile, you can have old files pass the
(depending upon the size and direction of the skew).

Dunno if that pertains to your build env tho.

FWIW. since make knows the skew (presumably by touching a file, then stat'g
its mod-time), it could de-ske w partly - but never completely - cuz it
cant know
the skew at the time of the previous (possibly uptodate) compile.

>Yeah - I see that too. It's a known issue with colinux. I haven't run
>into any problems related to it yet.
>It would only be a concern at all if you were actively developing
>source files, and even then I haven't seen any issues.
>I believe that it's fixed in the development builds, but since my
>colinux install seems to be working for what I want it to, I've
>decided to leave well enough alone :)

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