Hello all,

      We are using the Overa air COM. And the expansion board is summit. Now we have to use two serial ports,

but there is just one can be used--the pin9 and pin10 in the 40-pin header, iit is the ttyS0.  And the console is ttyS2, now I want to uss

 UART3 (ttyS3) for my console, free ttyS2 for communications. What should I do to make this change?

      Another problem is how to change the baudrate of ttyS0, the default baudrate is 9600, but my MTi baudrate is 115200,

and now connect the MTi to ttyS0, run the program showing cant find the MTi. If use usb-hub everything OK .

I try to use ./sertest Cd Cp ttyS0 Cb 115200 in gumstix, but it shows cant find this command, Anyone help?