Slightly off topic but if Craig et. al. would consider shipping US mail priority post it would be a benefit to those of us here in Canada.  You can track the packages just as well and we only get charged the GST/PST taxes plus a $7 COD fee.  I hesitate to order any bits and pieces since if I am buying less than about $200+ it's not worth to me paying the UPS costs.

Lawrence Harris

Dave Hylands wrote:

Sadly it adds up to quite a lot. There's VAT, plus UPS charge approx £10
  customs clearance fee. On top of that, the shipping itself is pretty
expensive (around 35$).

Something to look into.

I know that when stuff is shipped UPS Ground from the US into Canada,
then I wind up paying a $30-$40 brokerage fee. When it's shipped UPS
Air, the brokerage fee is included with the shipping cost.

Obviously, they can't ship UPS Ground to the UK, but it would be worth
finding out if any of the rates include the brokerage fee.

For me, the difference between ground and and air is often less than
the brokerage fee.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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