Thanks for the quick replies!  My dad has an STK500 so I'll see if I can recover my board with it over the weekend.  If not, I may be looking building a jtag device or buying a new robostix as it's around the same price as buying an avr jtag.


Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Andrew,

In my goofing around with my robostix I seem to have mucked up the fuses
such that I can not program it from my serial programmer anymore.  After
going through the atmega128 documentation I think I may have disabled
the serial port programmer support by mistake.
Will a parallel programmer work on the ISP on the board?  The
documentation indicate that the pins for the parallel programmers are
different (page 292 and 303) which makes me a bit leery.  If not, is
there another way to access the pins for a parallel programmer or to
reprogram the fuse bits?

There are really 3 different programming modes:

1 - low voltage ISP - This is what the AVRISP and programming from the
gumstix do.

2 - high voltage ISP. I think that this is available if you have an STK500.

3 - JTAG - If you have an AVR JTAG.

It is definitely possible to turn the robostix into a brick by using
the wrong fuse settings.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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