I have a related question.  I too downloaded the latest buildroot, compiled a hello.c, and moved to the mmc card.  Segmentation fault.  So, following the advice of the Wiki, I downloaded the r773 buildroot.  That worked.  So now I've got a valid toolchain and can compile happily.

My question, however, is how do I compile other packages I'm interested in?  Unless I'm missing something the r773 trunk didn't include any packages.  I've still got the other buildroot in a different directory, but how do I make sure that whatever I compile uses the r773 version of arm-linux-gcc compiler?


On 4/5/06, Peter Darling <pdarling@pcrs.net> wrote:
Hey Warren,

What was the command you used to compile hello.c?


On 4/4/06, Warren Loomis <wloomis@forwardface.com> wrote:
> I've downloaded the development environment, compiled hello.c, moved the
> executable to the gumstix waysmall using the mmc card. When try to execute
> on the gumstix get Segmentation fault. The programming page sez that a batch
> of gum boards was shipped with version 773 and suggests getting the older
> version, so I
> svc co -r 773
> http://svn.gumstix.com/gumstix-buildroot/trunk
> gumstix-buildroot
> cd gumstix-buildroot
> make
> Did this, recompiled, moved to the mmc card and tried again, and got the
> same Segmentation fault message.
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks, Warren
> Warren Loomis
> 55 Wallace Farm Road
> Norwich, Vermont 05055
> 802 649 1656
> wloomis@forwardface.com

Peter Darling

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