I finally got a chance to try this last night and it looks like that via will work perfectly. Thanks for the tip!


Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Jason,

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:09:29 -0600, Jason von Nieda <jason@vonnieda.org> wrote:
Dave Hylands wrote:

In this picture:
the voltage regulator is the little five pin chip immediately to the
left of the power supply, and the top pin on the side with just two
pins, would correspond the 3.3v signal (You should check with a
multimeter to be sure).

If you look at this picture:

I circled the via on the far right in blue. This trace connects to the
3.3v signal from the regulator, and should be a much easier place to
solder to. If you use a fine enough wire, you should be able to poke
it right through the via once the solder is liquid.