I have a Connex200xm, Robostix, Wifistix stack. I'm using Buildroot version 1629 which has linux version 2.6.21. I'm pretty new to using Gumstix, but I was able to get wireless working using the threads on this forum. Now, I want to configure my stack so that I can use the I/O pins on the Robostix. I've searched through the forums and not had much luck. Essentially, I'm trying to connect a dual h-bridge motor controller (L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit from Solarbotics) to the Robostix so I can control it from the Gumstix. It asks for 5 I/O pins in the instructions for the motor driver. Is it possible to use 2 of the PWM connections on the Robostix? Could anyone please help me configure my setup? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

-Russ Morin