You'll need the NLS stuff too, since vfat needs it.  It's under filesystems in menuconfig.  And you don't need to compile them into the kernel, you need only modprobe them before you try to do the mount -a.


On May 5, 2006, at 11:04 AM, David Scanlan wrote:

Hi can you just confirm that these are the only modules which would need to be changed to be compiled into the kernel to get this working:


File systems -> DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems -> VFAT


Device drivers -> MMC/SD Card support -> MMC support

Device drivers -> MMC/SD Card support -> MMC block device driver

Device drivers -> MMC/SD Card support -> Intel PXA255 Multimedia Card Interface support


Then change noauto to defaults for the mmc line in fstab?






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Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] Can't automount mmc card (using fstab - 2.6.15 kernel)


On May 1, 2006, at 3:51 AM, David Scanlan wrote:

I’ve been trying to get my mmc card to automount on startup of the gumstix by changing noauto in fstab to defaults.  This seems to make no difference unfortunately.  Once the gumstix has started if I enter “mount /mnt/mmc” or “mount –a” the mmc mount is brought up no problems.  I’m using the 2.6.15 kernel on basix 200 bt.  I’ve read in other posts about modules needing to be loaded first but I thought that was with older versions of the kernel and the fstab method should work regardless here.  Any ideas?  Cheers


the "mount -a" is run from /etc/inittab before the rc.modules script is run -- so the mmc driver and the mmc block driver have not yet been loaded, so there is no /dev/mmcblk* to mount, so mount -a in /etc/inittab doesn't mount it.  You can add a manual "/sbin/modprobe mmc_block; /sbin/modprobe pxamci" in /etc/inittab ahead of the "mount -a" command to ensure that the right modules are already loaded before the mount is attempted.  Or easier, just compile the MMC stuff into the kernel instead of building it as modules, then it'll be there for sure.