Hi guys,


I’ve seen tonnes of references to this glitch, but no solutions. 


Hardware: XL6P + NetPro.


The symptom is that if I do /etc/init.d/networking restart, I never get a DHCP address (even if I manually attempt it).  If the smc911x interface goes down for any reason, it will not come back up until I reload the kernel module (modprobe –rv smc911x and modprobe smc911x).  Trouble is that one in maybe ten times I need to do this twice to make it work, so I am thinking this issue probably needs a fix rather than a workaround.


The second part to it is that there appears to be no release() function defined in the module, which creates a lot of kernel log noise when the module is reloaded.  It doesn’t seem to cause any obvious harm, but it could be related to the 1 time out of 10 it doesn’t reload properly the first time…


Any pointers as to a solution would be welcomed J