Which reasonably low powered AC97 CODEC's could be used?  Since IPaq's are PXA255 based also,
there must be choices out there.  I'm thinking mp3 player.
However, I'm not sure my gumstix has the new molex connector though.
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Back in March/April when I first was looking into gumstix, I saw another company offering the Socket chipset in an SDIO wireless card, offering linux compatibility.  A quick call to the sales team (who called me back after talking with tech) retracted the "Linux driver support". 
I'd take this with a very large grain of salt - the SDIO standard for "non storage devices" is closed, etc (you've read it before).  I totally hope you're right and that they offer, even binary only!, a linux wireless driver that Gumstix can use.
On a side note, I've noticed Gordon's new line of sticks have a 60-pin molex connector (not to mention BlueTooth :).  I didn't see the ability to have a CompactFlash card attached, but if he's exposing that many pins for AC97, LCD, etc, perhaps a variant can instead let us have a CF daughterboard... eh?
I love the small size of my stick - I'm using mine in a robotic project, but I had to shell out $200 for a low bandwidth wirelss serial connection curtosey of Parallax so the thing could actualy stray away from my linux box.  Even the *ability* to have a 802.11 connection would be wonderful.
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I have been watching the evolution of the gumstix project for the last few months waiting to see what developed as it would be an ideal board for a project I am working on. The only problem I had was the lack of SDIO drivers for WiFi, as this is a major project requirement.


I think I may have found a WiFi SDIO card that claims Linux support today, and I wanted to know if anyone had seen/tried this card, and whether it will work!




If no one else has looked into this I would be happy to contact their distributor locally, and see what information they have on the Linux drivers.


-Aaron Teter