I haven’t yet.  Waiting for someone to either fix the download site or correct the howto.


I’ve managed to build a Debian (not Emdebian) root file system using debootstrap.  I haven’t tried building a kernel yet but there is a method to do so outlined in the gumstix wiki under ‘Debian’.  I’m new to this and have discovered that there are several different ways to do all this, I’m in the process of trying to figure them out.  Much to my disappointment I’ve found that many of the instructions on the gumstix site don’t work.




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Thanks for your reply Dan,

How did you manage then to create your Open Embedded Build System?


I had problems with the same procedure last night, although I got a bit
further.  Did the last step to do the bitbake and got an error.  I think
that the data on the server may be corrupted.