I initialy acived a fsast blutooth spee dbut it rapidly decreased to 10kb/s or less.

The http web server worked perfectly fine fo me (i believe it was bluetooth, it may have been usb).

On 8/25/06, J. p. Lien <jlien@nektonresearch.com> wrote:
I'd like to use bluetooth to pull files off my gumstix.  I've never messed with
bluetooth before, but thanks to this list and the wiki, I now have ssh and
rfcomm access working.

I've tried copying a file (/boot/uImage was my test) back to my PC using scp
(simplest way I could think of), and I'm getting about 10KB/s.  Is this typical?
Is there a way to increase the throughput?  I have the Infineon module, BTW.

I also tried to access the 'stix over HTTP, but it doesn't respond.  netstat
says boa is listening on port *:80, so I'm not sure what the problem is with
that.  Has anyone else tried to use boa over bluetooth?

Lastly if anyone has any better suggestions about how to grab one's data over
bt, I'd appreciate them.

J.p. Lien

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