I was attempting to remove any x/display manager/etc packages (I'm only accessing my gumstix via ssh/ftp) from my gumstix system using opkg and rebooted resulting in (during boot):

Starting GPE display manager: gpe-dm
INIT: Id "S" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
INIT: Id "S" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
[and then it just hangs]

Figuring out how to disable disable X without killing boot is now a question for another day as now I would just like to get my gumstix to boot again.  In order to fix this, I assume that I need to make a bootable SD card (is there a better option?)

That said, is there a way to create a bootable SD card in either Windows or in VMWare mounted linux on Windows?  I cannot seem to find any Windows utilities that emulate Linux's fdisk, but VMWare seems unable to recognize the SDCard reader in my laptop.  I don't have the space and already have too many partitions on my current laptop to install a linux dual-boot (also it seems stupid to have to install a dual-boot with the sole purpose being to create a bootable SD-card).  Is there a better option?