> The connections to the USB plug from the 24-pin flex connector are
> documented clearly on the wiki page
> http://gumstix.net/wiki/index.php?title=USB
I am obviously confused about the USB connector and cannot read the diagram. Once I understand what little red rectangles mean then I should be good to go.  But for now, since everything is unlabeled, I need more details. 
Anybody got an actual schematic or photograph of a working 24-pin flex cable to USB adapter? 
> In your diagram, you're leaving the original voltage regulator there...
Where is the voltage regulator in the board diagram?  Which little red rectancle?  I cannot tell looking at the diagram where to place the voltage regulator.  I don't know much about USB. Do I apply 5V to the USB connector or 3.3V?    Looking at the board diagram, pins 17 and 18 do not connect to the USB interface.  Why?
Brian Joly


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