All those who have succesfully compiled and worked with microwindows/nano-x on their LCD, pls help.
I have my LCD(microtips MTF035) powered up and tested it by loading 16bppraw images from my gumstix via my custom daughterboard.
Next, I compiled the latest revision of gumstix with microwindows package included in buildroot, and a binary of nano-X was created. When i loaded the binary onto my gumstix connex(contains revision 1374 buildroot-compiled image), and ran it, the following came on the terminal:
# ./nano-X
KDGKMODE: Invalid argument
Cannot initialise keyboard
          I tried giving 'NOKBD = Y' option the the config.fb file inside microwindows/src/Configs/, since that config file was specified in microwin.mk inside package/microwindows diectory. What am i missing here? pls help.

Thanks & regds,

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