Hi All,
             I am a newbie when it comes to Linux and gumstix- I built the filesystem (rootfs) and kernel image(uImage) exactly as per the instructions on docwiki website. When I try to replace the filesystem on my gumstix board, I get the following error(see below):

GUM> 0-1 && jera all && cp.b a2000000 40000 ${filesize}               
Protect Flash Sectors 0-1 in Bank # 1                                          
.. done                                                                        
Erase Flash Bank # 1 - Warning: 2 protected sectors will not be erased!        
.............................. done                                            
Copy to Flash... Outside available Flash

I am using connex board version 1385- hence I am following the instructions meant for verdex and boards beyond version 1325 on docwiki website. Does anyone have a clue why I am getting Copy to "Flash... Outside available Flash" when writing the filesystem to flash. Plus, also tell me if kernel image has been taken off rootfs image(I am using the latest version of gumstix buildroot as per subversion client)

Thanks in advance!

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