Hi, I corrected one critical line below ...

From: Joseph Kortje <jpktech@rogers.com>
To: General mailing list for gumstix users. <gumstix-users@lists.sourceforge.net>
Sent: Fri, February 26, 2010 9:12:35 PM
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] Bitbaking New Kernel 2.6.31 for Verdex

Hi Connie

Most of what Ash checked in for verdex-oe came originally from myself and a few others
so I can help you.

It builds clean for me.

So, lets' review ....

What OS distribution are you building with?
If it's Ubuntu, please confirm that you did the instruction to not reconfigure bash as dash.

>>First I installed all the files in the new directory

These should be the steps to follow:

$ mkdir -p ~/verdex-oe
$ cd ~/verdex-oe
$ git clone git://gitorious.org/gumstix-oe/mainline.git org.openembedded.dev
$ cd org.openembedded.dev
$ git checkout --track -b verdex origin/verdex
$ cd ~/verdex-oe
$ git clone git://git.openembedded.net/bitbake bitbake
$ cd bitbake
$ git checkout 1.8.18
$ cd ~/verdex-oe
$ cp -r org.openembedded.dev/contrib/gumstix/build .

>>sudo -i
>>echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr

Yes, that should work.

Alternatively, you could edit /etc/sysctl.conf (For example sudo gedit /etc.sysctl.conf&)
and add the line

vm.mmap_min_addr = 0

(Save and then reboot).

>> First the bitbake complained that it could not find user
>>collection in verdex-oe, so I copied user.collection and
>>com.gumstix.collection over into the directory.

There is no requirement to copy over user.collection from th older gumstix-oe build environment path.
The purpose of user.collection is to override the search path for bitbake recipes.  If any bitbake recipes
in the user.collection path have the same base name as the ones used in org.openembedded.dev then they would be used
in place of the official ones.  Unless the developer has a specific reason for adding an override or customization
or new bitbake recipe, and understands what he/she is doing with it (and the consequences)
I suggest not putting anything in user.collection folder (or don't use the folder at all).

Any old user.collection recipes that were used in the old gumstix-oe SVN based projects will not necessarily be compatible
with the newer verdex-oe stuff since we are using a newer Angstrom distribution, newer Kernel, newer bitbake,
etc.  Developers that have such recipes would need to revisit them to port them to the new code base.

The warning about not finding user.collection can therefore simply be ignored since you are (presumably)
not going to be wanting to override any of the standard bitbake recipes or add any of your own
customized ones yet. 

The old "com.gumstix.collection" and any files in that folder should not be added to this path and
is not supported anymore in the Git based OE architecture.  Any of the relevant patches or recipes (previously called packages)
from the previous com.gumstix.collection are now already integrated into the git based verdex branch org.openembedded.dev recipes.
(There are some exceptions such as support for audio, and robostix which are currently not ported to the new verdex-oe branch.  Still working
on it ....).

Here is how to fix your build environment:

First, you need to clean out the incorrect files that were added to the build path ....

cd ~/verdex-oe
sudo rm -rf com.gumstix.collection
sudo rm -rf user.collection

In this case, since the build cache is probably messed up, we need to start with a clean build

sudo rm -rf tmp
bitbake verdex-console-image

Note: Please don't add ".bb" to the end of the bitbake recipe names in the bitbake command.
Also, you can omit the -b option.

BTW, please make sure that you have plenty of space in your /home partition.
I use a 300GB partition albeit building for several projects for OpenEmbedded and I still find that
my space gets eaten up really fast ...

I recommend at least 40-60GB is needed to build verdex-oe (both verdex-console-image and verdex-palmtop-image).

Let me know your results ...


PS: Tip for building faster on dual or quad core cpu ....


# Uncomment these lines to enable parallel make.
# This allows make to spawn mutliple processes to take advantage of multiple
# processors. Useful on SMP machines

From: Connie C <cciarleg@umd.edu>
To: gumstix-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Fri, February 26, 2010 2:58:36 PM
Subject: [Gumstix-users] Bitbaking New Kernel 2.6.31 for Verdex

Hi all,

I'm attempting an install of the 2.6.31 kernel Ash posted a few threads
below.  I'm not the greatest at gumstix/bitbake and am having a few issues.
I've been using the usual gumstix-oe version in the past and have that set
up on my machine. First I installed all the files in the new directory
verdex-oe.  First the bitbake complained that it could not find user
collection in verdex-oe, so I copied user.collection and
com.gumstix.collection over into the directory.
After that, I got the error

ERROR:  Openembedded's config sanity checker detected a potential
    Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker
(see sanity.conf).
    Following is the list of potential problems / advisories:

    /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr is not 0. This will cause problems with qemu so
please fix the value (as root).

To fix this in later reboots, set vm.mmap_min_addr = 0 in /etc/sysctl.conf.

so I used
sudo -i
echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr

to fix.  Now bitbake cant find verdex-console-image.
When I do:
bitbake -b
I get a long list of errors, the important ones seem to be:
ERROR: function do_rootfs failed 
and the error file path, most of which point to things in my
gumstix/gumstix-oe folder

The other errors look like:
Configuring libasound2
| (offline root mode: not running libasound2.postinst)
| Configuring libgcc1
| (offline root mode: not running libgcc1.postinst)

Cannot find package procps.
| Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'
| Cannot find package socat.
| Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'
| Cannot find package strace.
| Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'
| Cannot find package sudo.
| Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'

I have a feeling I did something wrong when I was setting this up.  I didn't
want to change my bash profile so I used options b/c in the setup
instructions ($ source ~/verdex-oe/build/profile)
and did the
$ git checkout --track -b verdex origin/verdex instead of the overo

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

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