Hi Tom,

Im not 100% sure here, but they should...
The netDUO is a "connex" board, i mean it connects through the 92 connector of a connex gumstix, while the audiostix2 is a 60 pin header board and connect to the other side of the gumstix. So the "long format" of the netDUO should help here as the 2 RJ45 socket will be away of the audiostix2 board and grant the stack ability


On 4 Nov 2006 16:33:00 -0000, gumstix@solidrocktechnologies.com < gumstix@solidrocktechnologies.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I am considering buying the netstix 400xm-bt with a MMCnetDUO and
Audiostix2 board.  However, the MMCNetDUO is a lot longer and the
Audiostix2 is a lot wider.  Will these boards stack together properly?
Since I do not have any in my hand to look at, it's hard to tell from
the photos on the web pages.


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