Hi Dave,

well, seems the cat to /dev/ttyS2 doesnt cut it...
using sertest as is gave the data, (set it to 4800 baud, but not worked, 9600 seems to be ok)
I am using a passive antenna, and as per the gpsstix im in the middle of the sea right now, which dist as much as 1000 Km i guess from where i am. Ued the http://www.gonmad.co.uk/nmea.php to see the map
Take a look yourself if you want:
$GPVTG,221.70 ,T,,M,1.629,N,3.018,K,A*3D

I guess im getting less than 4 satellites provided the big error.
Do you think should i try go active antenna?, in the city its always been a prob getting a good signal, but not like what i am getting...
maybe i live in a forgotten area of the globe or something ;)
thanks for the heads up


On 9/6/06, Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Rodrigo,

On 9/6/06, Rodrigo Sosa <rodrigososa@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can somebody here with a GPSstix copy a few lines from the output of doing
> cat /dev/ttyS2 ?

You can find a file captured from ttyS2 over here:

You should see something like this:

when you first power on the board. The contents of the strings change
as satellites are acquired.

> I ve been trying to see any data from it, but all i have is
> ���xx<��x<��x�xx��������x���x���x��x<x�x�x�x�x�x�x������x������x�x�x���x�x<�����x<��x���xx<�x
> <x<�xx�x�x�x�x�x�x�x�x���x�x<�����x��x���xx<�x�x<xx��������x���x���x�x�x�x�x��x���
> x�x��x���x�x��x��x�x�x�x�x�x��x<����x��x��x���xx<�x��x<xx�xx
> and so on...

You're probably not set at 4800 baud.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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