Hi Cesar,

About the how to reply to a thread i would recommend you setup the newsletter to send the messages not in a daily digest but individually, once that is done i would recommend you use gmail. If you dont have one, ill send you an invitation. The advantage of gmail is that it stores the threads as conversations and you can follow much better the discussion, and a simple reply to the message you are reading will do the trick., if you dont want to use gmail, then write to: gumstix-users@lists.sourceforge.net and edit the subject to eg in this case: Re: Robostix.

1) Yes, There are many ways of doing this, over bluetooth for example, but also, you can use usbnet (using the audiotstix2 for example) i used it without problems with the factory image of 2.6.11 but for some reason when upgraded it to 2.6.17 something changed and cant use it anymore, guess is a problem with the windows driver, anyway, im in hurry to program, so i also had a etherstix (this is a connex expansion, beware what you buy ;) )  and found it is more felxible, at least for me (the funny is that etherstix didnt worked properly with 2.6.11 but just plug n play with 2.6.17 :P, again i have very little time and need to focus on getting gps+robo+gumstix working properly so dont know what really is happening, probably as Dave suggested is a matter of configuration of the net in the gumstix)

2) Maybe you mean just using the gumstix itself?, sorry never thought about it, for me expansions are a must and make it much easier, and the real explanation is im a noob, so really cant tell :S

3)Yes, and you wont believe how sweet it is!! Again thanks to Dave, he wrote very cool code about this, which save you long lasting headaches,  I downloaded all the robostix folder using svn, here you can take a look what it has online:
And in the wiki search for i2c-io, once you set all that (and remember all the fuses on the robostix :D) youll have a system that communicates over i2c and program the robostix ADC capability, PWM and all the rest of the registers!