Hi all

Continuing with the testing of the devices i need to use for my project, im trying the GPSstix now.
So, this may be a question of taste, but would like to hear how are you using the GPSstix with the gumstix, are you using directly connection over the hirose?
Is there a way of accesing the GPSstix using the robostix over i2c-io api ? (find it very convenient)
What convinced me the most is how the baloon project is interconnecting the 3 cards
gumstix+gpsstix over the hirose and the robostix to gumstix over the i2c.

On the other hand, is someone getting good results with gpsutil??
Could someone effectively adapt it to use in own software, like transforming it in an api??
(noob here, sorry for the question)

thanks in advance
Best regards