I have a couple of devices with the following setup:
- verdex XM4
- console-vx
- netCF-vx

In my application I am required to use a fully functioning serial device, i.e. the RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR must be present. On the console-vx there is, as far as I know, only ttyS1 (BTUART) which fulfills theses requirements.

Using the shipped Gumstix OS (I beleive it is svn revision 1161), the serial device works properly, however, due to some bugs in the 2.6.18 linux kernel I must upgrade the kernel (system).

Updating the OS to r1410 is no good since the ethernet drivers are broken for my netCF-vx on that revision. The following thread:
suggest r1457, which should help the ethernet problem, unfortunately it does not.

Using later kernels does not help either, since for some reason the bluetooth scripts or kernel modules are the ones setting up the serial device properly.
I have tested a lot of revisions in the subversion repository + pre-built images, however, once I get the serial device to function, the ethernet does not.
So... does anyone know how to configure (I assume GPIO settings) ttyS1 on a verdex-XM4 + console-vx + netCF-vx with functioning ethernet driver and a linux kernel > 2.6.18? The RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR must be working for my peripheral device.