On 7/14/06, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
We do put a label
on the box in which each board is shipped which says what it is...

Box?  My purchase (1st half 2005) came in little ziploc bags in a padded envelope!  And because I can"t currently locate the packing slip, I am not sure about one of the boards I have.  It"s definitely a breakout board, but not the breakout-gs board shown on the web site.  Mine has the Hirose connector on the top; the bottom is unpopulated.  There is no BRD* designation that I could see.  Labelling on it indicates:


There are six connectors of varying sizes along one side - these look like jumper devices.

At the time I was interested in hooking up a Sony LCD that I had purchased from earthlcd.com, and it may be that this was meant to interface to it.

Any ideas?

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