I just received a consoleLCD-vx and the accompanying Samsung LCD in the mail tonight. I hooked up my board, and plugged in the power adapter, and nothing happened. I could not see any LED light up on the board to indicate that it was powered on (though I could not find an LED on the console board that would indicate this). When I went to hook up a null modem cable to my laptop, I noticed that the area between the power plug and the USB connector was very hot. Plugging in the serial cable gave nothing in the terminal. I unplugged the power and waited for the board to cool down. When I plugged the board in again, the area between the power port and the USB port became unbearably hot in less than 5 seconds. After doing all of this, I hooked up to my previous console board, and everything ran with no problems.

I don't really have the knowledge or the tools (or the hand-eye coordination) to do any hardware debugging, so I am posting here to see if there are any known problems with the board before I try and get a replacement board.

Christopher Gilbert
B.S., Computer Science
University of Maine 2006