Is your webcam the only USB client you have attached to your board?

You may try removing the usbcore and other usb and video related modules using modprobe -r, but I think it is quite unlikely that this would disable the USB port itself.

You could install a switch for your webcam. Are you looking for a software only solution?

2007/8/29, Lars Roland <>:

I guess this may be more of a general linux question, so maybe it doesn't belong
on the list, but here goes anyway:

My webcam seems to be using 0.20A (total current is 0.33A for all the hardware),
which is more than I'd like it to use. I only use it to take a picture once
every day, so it seems a shame to use so much current for nothing.

Is there a way I can turn it off completely (shutting down the capture program
doesn't seem to be enough) by shutting down the usb port, and then starting it
up again when I need it?

Best regards,


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