I have a Vimicro $5 webcam hooked up to my Verdex + Console-VX board. I have successfully connected it using the gspca kernel module and vidcat to snag PNGs from it.

2007/8/19, jesse brockmann < jjbrockm@mchsi.com>:
        Has anyone gotten a webcam to work with a Verdex board yet?  If
so, what cam did you use and what
was required for setup and software are you getting images with?
        On a another note, is it possible to setup an buildroot and
build for x86 instead of ARM so I can have a pc
with the same software/install as a gumstix?  I would think this could
be a great way to develop my software before I
purchase a gumstix.
        Finally, does the console-vx have the connections I would need
for doing SPI?  If so, what speed is possible,
and is it a bit banging interface or hardware based?

Jesse Brockmann

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